About Us  

Inspectorate Pakistan provides top quality Inspection, Verification and Testing Services to its top-tier clients all over the country.

Inspectorate Pakistan is one of the leading Inspections and Surveying Company in Pakistan, incorporated in 1966 as a Pre-shipment Inspection Company. It has been issued accreditation certificate by the Pakistan National Accreditation Council under ISO 17020:1998, for conducting pre-shipment inspection of commodities Exported and imported by both private and government sectors.

By providing services for more than 45 years; we’ve earned a reputation for helping our clientele all over Pakistan and at International level. Our customers have been benefiting from our services for ensuring the Quality of their products, and a competent support to develop safe methods for manufacturing goods.

The strength of Inspectorate is that it is a family-run entity with full dedication of all Directors in various spheres of the business. Although it focuses on providing personalized and tailor-made solutions to all clients, we also prides ourself on our professional excellence. Our clients are drawn from a diverse range of sectors and industries.

The company’s founder Mr. Hamid Nasir Rizvi was a pioneer of the inspection industry, and was a leading figure in developing the field. He led the company successfully for about 24 years as Managing Director, and under his able guidance, untiring efforts and dedication, the company prospered.

Mr. Farrukh Hamid Rizvi took over operational responsibilities in 1990. The company flourished during his tenure of 17 years, due to his managerial capabilities and professional farsightedness.

Mr. Jawed Hamid Rizvi is the current Managing Director. He is a leading businessman in the fields of inspection, aviation and security. The company has greatly benefited from his multi-faceted experience and professional knowledge of not only the local market, but international trends as well. It is only due to his endeavors that the company has been able to get the Accreditation Certificate under ISO/IEC 17020:1998.

Inspectorate’s success can also be attributed to a team of dedicated, qualified, and highly trained staff, who are specialists in agricultural products and textile items. Moreover, they are guided by a strong and stable management. Strict guidelines and principles are followed by Inspectorate as per instructions set out by our principals Cotecna and Omic, so as to maintain their ISO standards.